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Student Self-Care Kits

SEL tool for black girls and boys that consist of sensory and fidget tools for anxiety and stress relief.


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Motivational Mandalas

Positive Affirmation Coloring Book for Children.

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General Self-Care Kit

SEL tool for boys and girls that consist of sensory and fidget tools for anxiety and stress relief.

About Empowered Educator

“Success is measured by your ability to keep going under pressure. It is the manifestation of your thoughts. So think abundantly.” - Ms. Hogan

My name is Janine Hogan. I am the owner and founded of Empowered Educator LLC. My passion is educating and healing our youth through fundamental programs and services that empower the whole-child. In addition to my business, I am an elementary education teacher, mentor, peer-confidant, and instructional coach. I have an Associate in Applied Science from Jefferson Community and Technical College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, and a Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership with a certificate in Diversity Literacy. Since 2018, Empowered Educator LLC has transformed the lives of children, educators, and families through culturally responsive pedagogy, curriculum, and instructional routines.

Teach a MIND Touch a HEART Change a LIFE.

Mirror Mantras

Empower your students of culture through a powerful form of positive self-talk I call Mirror Mantras. Students speak positive affirmations into existence through quoting words and phrases that embody and define their character, passions, and purpose. Your class and/or child will enjoy this product and have a tool-kit of their own readily available to use in class during moments of discomfort, anxiety, or a quick message for reassurance.

About Our Merchandise

Since 2018 Empowered Educator LLC has transformed the lives of many children, educators and families through culturally responsive instructional practices and routines. Our values are to teach a mind, to touch a heart, and to change a life. Our merchandise offers custom designs that empower you!

“You teach me how to teach you. Our learning comes from each other.”

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